Jag Talon @jag@toots.jagtalon.com

Repotted the babies 🌱

Newsletter is out! Wrote in some thoughts on taking care of yourself and others


Love this accessibility playlist from Apple.


If you missed the global accessibility awareness day, you can try stuff out at empathyprompts.net/ right meow.

@maloki Oh hold up. I just realized that you can put the entire link in the search box and it will show you the status!

Man I've been frustrated about this for so long haha. I guess I just answered my own question πŸ˜…

Hello! I'm a bit confused about how I can reply to toots that I find in the wild.

For example, let's say I find botsin.space/@selfcare/1000583. When I run into that link is there a way to for me to reply to it?

My process goes like this:

1. Find a good toot link
2. Go to my dashboard
3. Search for user
4. Find the toot that I found
5. Reply / fave / etc.

Sometimes a user's toots don't even appear in the dashboard. :( cc @maloki

Hell yeah this is how you know resistbot is working. πŸ™ŒπŸ½

Man looks like there's a cool app for Mastodon on @elementary! Quick! Someone make a native one for the mac too :hnng:


CSA farm share cooking went well! Kale was a bit burnt so they turned into chips, but otherwise it’s great. 😊

Here's what it looks like right meow.

Iterated on the site design today. I added some desktop mockups, and I'm liking it.

Still a bunch of work left to do, but it's getting there!


Got my earplugs! They worked perfectly in the gym. I could still talk to people but it took the edge off the music volume.

First CSA delivery. 😊

Today was bench press day!

Holy shit bench felt hard again after two weeks of not bench pressing. I have baby numbers but hopefully it goes up in the following weeks!

- Bench Press: 2x4 @ 155lbs, 2x4 @ 145lbs
- Trap Bar Deadlift: 4x3 @ 200lbs
- 1-1-2 DB Floor Press: 3x5 @ 55lbs
- Inverted Row: 3x10
- Landmine press: 2x10 @ 10lbs

Vidya: vimeo.com/270248144 + vimeo.com/270248153

Got another plant baby! 🌱

Having my first guest over! Woot!

The storm knocked my plant babies down ☹️