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We asked adactio.com/ how he learned about web technologies when he first got started. Here’s what he said.

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Episode 26 is out with Jeremy Keith as our guest! 🎊

In this clip he talks about what excites him and what inspired him to write his latest book “Going Offline”


“To me, it’s the software development version of, ‘we should really hang out sometime!’ with no further action taken. Make accessibility a priority.”

Check out ‘What You Say vs. What I Hear’ by Mikey Ilagan. 🙌🏽


Wrote an article about getting people on the same page about your work.

Setting up a work process from the beginning and having people agree to it has been a game changer for me, so I wanted to share it.


Love this article and all the wonderful illustrations in it. So many useful links and tips!


Turns out you have to trim your basil every now and then. I guess it’s pesto time! 🤤

Love this episode. I can definitely relate to the part where people are sometimes confused by the juxtaposition of my name (Juan Antonio Gabriel) and the way I look (asian).


I made a PR and filled it with GIFs. It's now 8.19x the size of Doom

There are so many peas on the kitchen floor 😑

I'm always learning when it comes to the web. Today it's about making more accessible carousels 🎠


I usually write blog posts on the computer machine, but I’ve been staring at the screen too long this week so I thought about writing a draft on paper instead.

This feels relaxing. 😊

When I’m not programming you can find me plant sitting 🌵🌿🌱

Got my first real furniture for the apartment! Found this low boi table at a vintage store